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Babylon's Fall is getting NieR Automata crossover in first post-launch season

Something to pull on your gut strings

Platinum Games' online action-RPG Babylon's Fall is almost here, which may come as a bit of surprise to those of us living and breathing Elden Ring at the moment. But one thing that may draw your attention away from spectral steeds are spectral weapons, something called gut strings, and an upcoming collaboration with NieR Automata. Yeah, take that Elden Ring. Babylon's Fall will let me carve up sad androids with the aid of my innards, and it looks fun.

A NieR Automata collaboration is arriving in Babylon's Fall as a limited-time event, introducing red-eyed robos, dungeons set in the Amusement Park and Machine Village areas, and cosmetics that let you rep the anime-goth looks of 2B, 9S, A2, and more.

As for other post-launch plans, Babylon's Fall looks set to add new weapons, new game modes, new dungeons, and plenty more armour sets to collect. You can view the trailer below (Japanese language only for now), which'll take you through it in glorious technicolor.

Cover image for YouTube video

The new game modes look interesting, don't they? Particularly Gauntlet, which shows players advancing on enemy archers in a floor-is-lava situation. As for how often we can expect new additions like this, Katharine's forthcoming interview with Platinum Games' co-director Takahisa Sugiyama shed some light on the game's content release schedule:

"In Babylon's Fall, we’re planning to release new content in seasons, around once every three months. During the upcoming Season 1, you’ll be able to reach a proper milestone in the Tower of Babel, but of course, new playable areas and quests will be added at a later date. As for what those future areas and quests will be, we’ll be releasing information shortly before each season update – so I hope you’ll look forward to finding out more!"

Elsewhere, we got another trailer showing off the game's combat. Namely that you can wield up to four weapons, two being of this realm, and two being of the spectral kind. You've got bows, rods, swords, hammers, and shields to hack and block away with. But it's the spectral combos held together by your beloved gut strings that'll let you perform special moves that buff party members, turn your shields reflective, or just create massive explosions.

Cover image for YouTube video

Last year Katharine and I tried out the Babylon's Fall closed beta and came away fairly impressed. It's combat was crispy but we weren't sure how progression would hold up in the long run. Still, we're keen to get our hands on the full game soon and see it delivers.

Babylon's Fall launches on Steam on March 3rd.

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