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2D Souls-like Moonscars slashes into stores in September

I can't stop staring at this trailer's monster-filled ruins

Pixel art Souls-like Moonscars has announced that it'll be releasing on September 27th. Protagonist Grey Irma will set off into a gorgeous world to search for the sculptor who made her and find answers to her existence. And also to absolutely whack some monsters with a gigantic sword along the way.

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The new trailer lays out the fantasy set up that motivates Grey Irma as well as demonstrating just how hard and in what sort of ways she can hit things. Although, I had to watch it a few times before I even noticed that, because all I was staring at was the crumbling architecture and the way the layers of backgrounds peek in and out behind it. This distraction would probably get me killed a lot if I was playing, but luckily that's really all part of the learning experience and really quite intended in Moonscars.

The game was announced back in March at the Humble Games Showcase. Katharine declared it her personal highlight. "Moonscars looks rad," she wrote. "It looks like Blasphemous meets Castlevania, with a screen-shakingly good sword swing. No, seriously, just look at that screen shudder when she swings that big axe. I can practically feel it grating against my cheek bones."

I have to say that while it's outside of my usual genre, the sheer power of the style and the invocation of a hungry moon might intrigue me enough to break me out of my comfort zone on this one.

Moonscars will be coming to Steam and the Humble Games Store on September 27th.

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