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2K set to announce "exciting new franchise" this month

Whatever it is, it'll arrive before spring next year

Yesterday, Take-Two Interactive published their quarterly earnings report, which is chock-full of info only a shareholder would care about. However, these reports often have little titbits that fans might find interesting, and this time around the company have revealed that Borderlands publishers 2K Games will be revealing a new game this month that will launch sometime between now and April 2022.

"Later this month, 2K will unveil details of another exciting new franchise planned for launch during this fiscal year," the report says. That means that, whatever this mystery game is, we'll be playing it before spring next year.

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Seeing as Gamescom takes place this month, it seems likely that'll be where we'll see the full reveal. Unless 2K suddenly decide to do their own announcement stream... I would rather they didn't. We're so close to the end of the summer announceathons now.

But what could this mystery game be? Well, prior to E3, a Reddit leak revealed a bunch of games that 2K were supposedly planning on announcing. It suggested that Firaxis, the studio behind the XCOM reboot, were making a turn-based XCOM spin-off with Marvel characters. This was corroborated by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, though he doesn't source his info.

The leak also claimed that a project titled Codename Volt was in early development too. Supposedly, this is an action game made by Mafia developers Hangar 13, and was described as "Cthulhu meets Saints Row".

As always with leaks, take 'em with a pinch of salt. Thorough, it's worth noting that the leaker did accurately predict Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, the Borderlands spin-off which was shown at E3. Whatever the case, it won't be long now until we find out about the mystery game through official channels.

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