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60 Zombs Royale tips - top tips on how to play like a pro

It's a battle royale, but, like, 2D

What's this? Another battle royale?! Well, before you dismiss the free-to-play browser-based Zombs Royale for its simplistic looks, it might interest you to know that there's some real skill and strategy present in these tense 5-minute 100-player battles. There's a lot to learn, and a lot to get out of this excellent little battle royale, all of which we'll go over with our 60 Zombs Royale tips and tricks, covering everything from landing and looting to weapon types, supply drops, and advanced fighting techniques.

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Zombs Royale guide - 60 Zombs Royale tips on how to play like a pro

We've got a lot to get through with our Zombs Royale tips (there are 60 of them, after all) - but before you get started reading, we've also got a full guide on all the different Zombs Royale weapons complete with stats and opinions for each one; so go ahead and check that out if you wanted to find out what the very best guns in Zombs Royale are!

60 Zombs Royale tips - contents

Now let's get on with our 60 top tips for Zombs Royale players of all skill levels. Click any of the links below to skip ahead to a particular section of your interest.

Zombs Royale tips for beginners - overview on how to play (1-7)
Zombs Royale weapons & looting tips (8-23)
Zombs Royale combat & survival tips - how to earn kills and win matches (24-43)
Zombs Royale map & movement tips (44-55)
Other useful Zombs Royale tips and tricks (56-60)

Zombs Royale tips for beginners - overview on how to play

These tips are for players new to Zombs Royale, and want to know the basics. Skip ahead if you're already familiar with how to play.

  • 1. Zombs Royale is a free-to-play battle royale game inspired by games such as Fortnite and PUBG, where you and 60-100 other players drop on the same map, loot up, and fight to be the last person standing.
  • 2. Zombs Royale is playable for free either in your browser or by installing the game via the Discord Store.
  • 3. Games are incredibly quick in Zombs Royale, with a winner usually being crowned around the 5-minute mark.
  • 4. You can queue up either solo, or in duos or squads of up to 4 players, either with friends or strangers. There are also various LTMs that rotate in and out every day.
  • 5. As you play games, you'll earn XP and levels which will unlock various cosmetic items such as skins, melee weapons, emotes, and so on. These are all purely appearance-based modifications, and won't give you an advantage in combat.
  • 6. Every so often in matches you'll come across bots. You can tell bots apart from real players because they'll keep moving back and forth on the spot, and won't loot anything. But the vast majority of enemies you'll come across will be real players.
  • 7. You can change your keybinds in the main menu using the Settings button in the top-right corner.

Zombs Royale weapons & looting tips

As with all battle royales, there's a lot of equipment and weapons to loot in Zombs Royale. Below are our top tips on looting quickly and effectively.

  • 8. Your hotbar is where you can hold items, from weapons to healing items and throwables. You can only hold five items at any given time - I'd strongly suggest three weapons and two utility items (throwables/heals).
  • 9. You should always aim to get a Sniper Rifle, an Assault Rifle, and something close-range (I'd suggest a good SMG over a Shotgun) so you can deal with threats at any range.
  • 10. Always keep the same kinds of weapons and items in the same hotbar slots so you can learn them through muscle memory. For example, always keep your Assault Rifle in slot 1, your Sniper Rifle in slot 3, etc.
  • 11. Generally you'll find weapons and equipment either lying on the floor or in crates and chests. Chests will always contain multiple items, whereas crates will contain just one.
  • 12. You'll generally find the best loot far from the initial flight path. So consider landing further away at the beginning of the match for a good start with the best weapons.
  • 13. Most players drop out of the plane as early as possible. If you're after a quieter, less hectic early-game, you should wait until near the end of the flight path.
  • 14. The map in Zombs Royale is very small, so you'll nearly always have enemies nearby. So it's very important to arm yourself as quickly as possible. If possible, land on a crate or chest (or a weapon on the ground).
  • 15. Weapons come not only in different classes (Snipers, Assault Rifles, etc.) but also different rarities. You should always look to upgrade your weapons to higher rarity versions. The rarities are (from worst to best):
    • Common (grey)
    • Uncommon (green)
    • Rare (blue)
    • Epic (purple)
    • Legendary (gold)
    • Mythic (red)

  • 16. Some weapons can only be found in a single rarity - for example, the XBow can only be found in Mythic rarity, and the Rubber Gun only in Legendary rarity. For stats and opinions on every weapon and throwable in the game, check out our Zombs Royale weapons guide.
  • 17. Different weapons have different ammo types. There are four types of ammo (Light, Medium, Heavy, Shotgun) and you can see how much you have above your hotbar in the bottom-right.
  • 18. Different weapon types will zoom out your screen more or less, controlling how much you can see around you. Snipers zoom your screen out the furthest, so when walking around outdoors always have your Sniper Rifle equipped.
  • 19. There's no armour or helmets to equip, but you do have a Shield bar like in Fortnite which starts empty but can be filled up to 100. Try to keep your Shields as full as possible by consuming Shield Potions.
  • 20. Every so often in a Zombs Royale match you'll be notified of incoming Air Drops/Supply Drops. These drops are marked on the map, and they usually make for very highly contested areas, because they contain high-tier weapons like the Trident of the Depths, the AMP Sniper Rifle, the XM8 Burst Assault Rifle, and so on.
  • 21. If you're low on ammo, pick up a gun with that ammo type and drop it again. The ammo will be transferred from the gun to your stocks.
  • 22. Pick up good guns (Bolt-Actions, high-tier SMGs and ARs) even if you don't intend to use them. Better to make sure no one else can use them against you.
  • 23. Hybrid Potions are excellent because they heal both Shields and Health simultaneously (up to 25 of each over 10 seconds). But make sure you don't use two in quick succession, because they'll overwrite each other and you'll only gain the healing from the last one you drank.

Zombs Royale combat & survival tips - how to earn kills and win matches

Now for the good stuff - the fighting! These tips will teach you how to win the vast majority of your fights, and tip the scales in your favour no matter your situation.

  • 24. Different weapons fire bullets at different speeds. Learn each weapon's bullet velocity, because it tells you how far to lead with your shots (shoot where your opponent is going to be, rather than where they are). Make sure also to be unpredictable in your movements during a fight so you're not an easy target.
  • 25. Friendly fire is off in Zombs Royale, meaning nothing you do will hurt your teammates. But you can still damage yourself with things like Grenades and Rockets - and impulse effects (Trident, Reverse Impulse, etc.) work on everyone.
  • 26. Be aware of your weapon's max range at all times. Snipers travel furthest. ARs travel further than SMGs. And within their categories there are range differences too: AKs and AR-15s will fire shots further than M4s and SCARs. Again, for all of the deets, check out our Zombs Royale weapons guide.
  • 27. If you have the range advantage (i.e. you have a good Sniper Rifle and they don't), try to keep your player to your left or right rather than above or below, because you'll see them earlier. Likewise, if your opponent has the range advantage, keep them above or below rather than to your sides to minimise their advantage.
  • 28. A Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle shot followed by a burst of Assault Rifle or SMG fire (depending on your distance from the enemy) is usually enough to end a fight before it even begins, particularly out in the open.
  • 29. Always bear in mind that you can shoot through windows to get to enemies indoors, and your opponents can do the same to you.
  • 30. Cactus Bombs and Rubber Guns are phenomenal against players hiding inside buildings. You can also use the Trident or a Reverse Impulse to bring them suddenly out into the open.
  • 31. Learn to deal the "One-Two Punch" to enemies. Throw your Trident near the enemy, then switch to your Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (even better if it's an AWP) and fire at the exact same point so it hits the enemy who has just been sucked in by the Trident. This can deal up to 150 damage to a player if successful.

  • 32. If your opponent has a Trident or Reverse Impulse in their hand and you see they're about to use it on you, it's sometimes an option just to let it happen. The power of using a Trident/Reverse Impulse all comes down to the element of surprise. If you're prepared to just burst them down when it happens, then you'll have the element of surprise. I've won many fights against Trident-carriers this way - but be wary, because it's a risky move and could backfire.
  • 33. Grenades have a limited range but hit like a truck. Use them to prevent an enemy from advancing when you're on the back foot, or be sneaky and combine them with a Reverse Impulse to create the One-Two Punch: Explosive Edition.
  • 34. As with all battle royales, victory often goes to the third party. Look for opportunities to clean up when two enemies are fighting each other. And avoid committing too much to your own fight if there's a chance you'll get third-partied while injured.
  • 35. You can hide inside bushes, but you have to keep still or nearby enemies will hear you rustling. If you position yourself correctly you can hold a Potion or a small gun (like a P90) inside the bush while remaining completely hidden.
  • 36. There's no directional audio in Zombs Royale (meaning you can hear other players, but you can't hear exactly which direction they're coming from). So pay attention to your surroundings and think about where they're most likely to be (houses and bushes are always likely spots).
  • 37. Healing items always have a distinct sound that plays when you use them. You can bait players into pushing by beginning to apply a healing item, then suddenly switching to your weapon and annihilating them when they get near enough.
  • 38. You can sometimes shoot right through walls and doors if you're pressed up against it so that the nose of your gun pokes through to the other side. Use this exploit to take your opponents by surprise, but don't blame me if you're reported later for cheating! (It's not a cheat, it's an exploit, but some people won't care about the difference between the two.)
  • 39. Holster your weapon by switching to fists/melee. This allows you to run faster than with a gun in your hands. Useful for escaping the border or chasing a fleeing enemy (or fleeing yourself).
  • 40. You can open and close doors extremely quickly by double-tapping your Interact button. Use this to fire off quick shots before returning behind cover. Particularly useful with single-shot, high-damage weapons like Bolt-Actions and Shotguns.
  • 41. Switching quickly between two Pump Shotguns or two Bolt-Actions will allow you to fire faster than with just one.
  • 42. Supply Drop crates block all bullets and damage, and are indestructible, which means they can be used to great effect as cover during a fight.
  • 43. When playing in Duos and Squads, you get "knocked" first before being eliminated While knocked, you are slower-moving and can't use items or weapons, but you can still move - and you have a massive 300 Health. This means you are surprisingly tanky, and can still be of use in distracting opponents or absorbing shots.

Zombs Royale map & movement tips

It may be small, but the Zombs Royale map is where you'll spend all your time in-game, so you'd better learn all about it - especially since it received several big changes very recently to coincide with the release of Season 8! The below tips will explain everything you need to know about the map and how to move about within it.

  • 44. There are currently nine named locations across the Zombs Royale map, with the most popular varying from match to match depending on the flight path. But places like Blossom Burbs are always fairly popular, because they're more central.
  • 45. Feel free to land outside any of the named locations for a quieter start. There are tonnes of crates scattered across the map even outside the main areas, so you'll nearly always find what you need.
  • 46. You can hold Interact or Space to speed your descent while landing at the start of a match. Keep track of your (and everyone else's) distance from the ground by viewing the progress bar to the right of each character.
  • 47. Gliding is quicker than running along the ground, so there's no benefit to landing early and running the rest of the way.
  • 48. There are circular blue/purple Teleporters scattered across the map, always in different locations each match. If you go through one, you'll come out of another - but if you go back through, you'll end up in a third place, rather than back where you started.
  • 49. You can land on a Teleporter at the very start of the flight path, and you'll often be transported to the other side of the map long before anyone else gets there, giving you time to gear up ahead of time.
  • 50. Certain of the small huts around the map can be destroyed entirely (the ones you usually find in rows next to one another).
  • 51. The border that encroaches across the map and forces players closer together is very quick to start shrinking. Keep you eye on the minimap to see how far away you are from the next circle. If you're on the "fat" side of the circle then you have further to go and the border may move faster than you, so you should get going sooner.
  • 52. Have your Sniper Rifle equipped by default while you're out in the open so that you can see as much as possible around you. But if you're inside or approaching a building, you'll be forcibly zoomed in anyway, so you'd be better off equipping an SMG or Assault Rifle here.
  • 53. In the late game, when there are just 4 or 3 players left, it becomes much more important to reach the next circle before anyone else, because you'll have a distinct advantage if you're not the one sandwiched between the border and your enemies.
  • 54. Some of the buildings in Radical Reef have roofs which jut out over the buildings themselves, meaning there's an area around these buildings where players can hide out of sight. Use this to gain the element of surprise, and beware of others employing this trick when nearby such houses.
  • 55. Certain areas of the map have their own unique crates and chests which many players ignore because they don't realise what they are. Radical Reef, Cyber City, and Space Base all have crates unique to their locations.

Other useful Zombs Royale tips and tricks

To finish off, here are some miscellaneous tips that it's still useful to know about, even though they don't fit into any of the above categories.

  • 56. You can hit F7 to bring up information regarding your current Ping and FPS in the top-left of your screen. Hit F7 again to hide this information.
  • 57. Make sure you keep your mouse cursor tightly confined around your character at all times, to avoid unfortunate situations where you accidentally click the various UI buttons around the edge of the screen (for example, the fullscreen/windowed button, the map button, the audio toggle button).
  • 58. You can view your overall stats in the Profile tab of the Zombs Royale main menu. There you can see your overall kills and wins, as well as your kills, wins, matches, and top 10 placements within solos, duos, and squads (stats from playing the various LTMs aren't counted).
  • 59. You can emote and chat to nearby players by hitting the Emote button and by hitting Enter and typing your message, respectively.
  • 60. You will automatically start spectating another player once you're eliminated. From this screen you can report players who are cheating or otherwise engaging in toxic or rule-breaking behaviour using the Report button in the bottom-right of the spectator screen.

And with that, we conclude our 60 top Zombs Royale tips. Hopefully you've learnt a thing or two (or ten) about how to improve your Zombs Royale game. Time to go out there and prove your worth with a 15-kill win or two! And make sure you bookmark this page so you can keep checking back for all the latest tips, stats and strategies for Zombs Royale.

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