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A Beyond Good And Evil movie is coming to Netflix

Beyond Screen and Cinema

Fresh off the heels of Tom Clancy goes anime, Ubisoft have announced yet another collaboration with their new pals at Netflix. This time, it's a feature-length adaptation of Beyond Good And Evil from Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman - and with the long-dormant game sequel still no closer to release, there's a good chance this film may even hit screens first.

As posted by The Hollywood Reporter, the Beyond Good And Evil flick will be a hybrid live-action/animated affair, a la the aforementioned Pikachu cop movie. It's currently very early in production, with the team looking for writers to help adapt the niche Ubi franchise.

While THR pen it as an adaptation of 2003's cult photojournalism conspiracy, Netflix's announcement tweet paints something closer to the perpetually-absent Beyond Good And Evil 2, with space pirates and key art gesturing at Ubi's own cinematic trailers.

It's been a hot minute since we caught wind of BG&E2, with the most recent flashy cinematic trailer premiering over two years ago. Between that and its previous tease, it seemed like Ubi were more interested in creating stunning short features than an actual videogame. In that respect, a proper movie makes a lot of sense.

Of course BG&E2 is, supposedly, a videogame - one that's apparently flaunting a truly colossal open world to fly about in. Mind, it also had some shady spec-work shenanigans going on, commissioning fan-created artwork and music by way of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HitRecord service. Going by their decision to repeat that for Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft reckon this sort of speculative fan-labour is A-OK.

Perhaps we'll see some more of BG&E2 at another Ubisoft Forward event this year? Frankly, I reckon we'll see a feature film hit before that game ever sees the light of day.

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