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A Quiet Place video game resurfaces with a new name, first look at gameplay and 2024 release date

Tread carefully!

Sneaking around with a sound measurer in hand while a monster lurks in the distance in A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead
Image credit: Saber Interactive

A Quiet Place is a very solid horror movie that seemed primed for a video game adaptation from the off. After all, it already had all the ingredients of a video game right there: the whole film is essentially one overlong stealth mission with a punishing fail state - any crunchy glass or other noise would immediately draw the attention of deadly alien monsters - and at one point there’s a whiteboard with the narrative equivalent of Dead Space’s “CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS” graffiti scrawled on it. Lo and behold, we’re getting a Quiet Place video game.

A Quiet Place video game was actually announced back in 2021, though you might’ve missed its blink-and-miss-it reveal consisting of little more than a “yes, we’re making it” statement from developers iLLOGIKA and publishers Saber Interactive, who previously turned fellow horror movie World War Z into a surprisingly fun multiplayer game. At the time, the Quiet Place game was planned for release in 2022, before, erm, going silent for a few years.

Now it’s resurfaced with a proper name, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead, a first look at gameplay and even a release date - soon! Replacing OG devs iLLOGIKA are new developers Stormind Games, known for the Remothered series of survival-horror games and hack-and-slash action-RPG Batora: Lost Haven.

The Road Ahead will be an original story set in the universe rather than retreading the plot of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, its sequel A Quiet Place Part II or this year’s prequel A Quiet Place: Day One, which is out next week. The story will follow a young survivor trying to creep their way through the apocalyptic world.

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The reveal trailer shows off some first-person gameplay, involving the expected level of needing to keep quiet while having various objects - doors, drawers, switches, lights, that blasted floor glass - all make upsetting amounts of ruckus. You’ll have a flashlight to hand, along with something that looks like an improvised decibel measurer.

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead will be out later this year, though we don’t have an exact release date just yet. Find it (quietly) on Steam when it eventually sneaks out.

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