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A Suitable Boy

First details on the new Leisure Suit Larry game, Box Office Bust. It will, it seems, be an adventure game, but will it be more palatable than the remarkably hateful last effort, Magna Cum Laude ( which John "Conan The Barbarian Is Rubbish" Walker scored a vicious 3% to in PC Gamer)? Well, let's look at the scant evidence we have so far...

The good: "There really is nothing we are bringing over from the last game... The last game was torn apart and I think it was just the wrong approach for this franchise. Most of the criticisms of the game were not off base. This game is a total departure from the last game. [It's] A good solid story, clever set ups and great pay-offs with dialogue and gameplay."

The bad: "Al Lowe is not involved with this project."

The ugly: "When I sat down and thought about the best way to bring Larry back and bring him back in a way that is mass-market, relevant and funny there was only one target. Hollywood."

The also ugly: "I think some of my favorite [scenarios] are sneaking around and taking pictures of the starlets dressing for the studio's biggest star so [Larry] can choose who is on his "to do" list.

The bad and ugly: It's written by the guy who penned this film. (Which I haven't seen, but ouch, that trailer...)

Oh, me and my snap judgements. Yeah, I know it's not fair to make up my mind based on a bad first impression. So fingers crossed the second impression isn't quite as mortifying, eh?

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