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A Terminator open-world survival game is coming for you in the future

Set between Judgment Day and the rise of John Connor’s resistance

Today’s Nacon Connect event had a bunch of licensed games starring pop culture figures both old and older, but one standout among them was Nacon Studio Milan’s upcoming Terminator survival game. Will you be able to play as Terminators? It's not yet clear. Heck, it's so early on the game doesn't even have a proper name yet. Feel free to recoil in fear from the announcement teaser trailer below.

Dubbed Terminator Survival Project, Nacon Studio Milan's game looks very Terminator-ish.Watch on YouTube

There aren’t many details to go on yet. All we know is that you’ll have to battle to survive in a post-apocalyptic open world. The game will be set sometime between Judgment Day, which people familiar with the franchise will know moves around more frequently than Easter weekend, and the start of heroic everyman John Connor’s resistance. Please let us be Terminators, Nacon.

Nacon say their Terminator game will feature an original story that’s grounded in what you’ll have seen in the movies. If it takes place before John Connor starts his fight against the ‘nators then that probably rules out appearances by T1000 or any of the more fancy models. I think so, anyway. At this point, you probably need PhDs in artificial intelligence and quantum physics to track all the changes to the Terminator timeline.

Far be it from me to pre-ordain anything, but it probably won’t be as rock solid difficult as the Terminator 2: Judgment Day light gun arcade game from 1991. That thing was the mutt’s knees.

No firm date for when the Terminator survival game will strike on PC or consoles, but we’ll keep our scanners running and let you know when it pops up.

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