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Absurdist sports league Blaseball's season 4 may start on Monday

Pending good testing, of course

Looks like your favorite procedurally generated democratic sports betting simulator may be stepping back up to the plate. The Grand Siesta is coming to an end, it seems. The Blaseball Commissioner (who I hear is doing a great job) announced in somewhat certain terms that Blaseball would be "back" on Monday, August 24th.

If that was word soup to you, don't panic. Blaseball is a text-based browser MMO thing where folks bet fake money on the outcome of matches between teams playing games of a sport with a striking similarity to baseball. Except there are things like Grand Unslams and rampant peanut allergies and other odd occurrences that throw a wrench in the proceedings.

From the outside, it appears that about 30% of Blaseball involves interacting with the website and the other 70% is making lots and lots of fan art. Remember the meta stories that folks made up to explain the inaugural run of Twitch Plays Pokemon? It feels a bit like that.

There's been some downtime since season 3 ended on August 8th but the Commissioner has now announced that the games will resume next week. "I mean that's the plan, no guarantees," they say. "Seriously there's still a bunch of testing to do."

Outside of the absurdist bubble of the game itself, developers The Game Band said earlier this month that they needed to take a bit of time to breathe. "We plan to bring you more exciting action every week," they say. "But to do that, we need some time to fix bugs, add some features, make the machines bigger, and breathe. Our team is exhausted and overworked. We need a little time to recoup so Blaseball can come back stronger than ever."

Will the Era of Discipline continue? Probably. What will next season be dubbed? Impossible to say. Will the Hades Tigers continue to commit Violence or will some new unforeseen fate befall them? Yes.

If you're new to Blaseball you can sign up here but you should probably check out the community's beginner's guide to Blaseball first.

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