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Roguelike platformer Revita launches in early access

Do you dare to part with your hearts?

Another challenger has entered the action roguelike arena. Revita is now out in early access, a twin-stick platformer where you'll have to sacrifice your health in exchange for items as you climb a mysterious clocktower. You can spot all the action in the new launch trailer that shows off the first three worlds you can start shooting your way through today.

"Climb an ominous clock tower in a series of procedural encounter rooms and past challenging boss fights on your way to reclaiming your lost memory," the developer says. Along the way you'll unlock new abilities and trade in your health for handy items.

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"After working on the game for four years and a few alpha tests with fans I’m super excited to unleash this love letter for roguelite fans," says solo developer BenStar. "I hope people will enjoy the gameplay structure that lets you trade health points for extra items and encourage them to constantly weigh up the risks and push their limits."

Roguelikes have a reputation for being challenging, but Revita looks to have several options for lowering the difficulty if you prefer. You can slow down time, set an outline for enemies so they're easier to keep an eye on, and choose a level of aim assist too.

For launch, Revita has three different worlds. As it goes with these early access run-based games, Revita's developer plans to add more enemies, levels, weapons, and upgrades along the way. BenStar says Revita is intended to be in early access for about seven to nine months.

Revita is available in early access over on Steam. It's currently discounted 10% to £10.25/€13.49/$13.49 until March 10th.

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