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Actual cats made this cat-finding hidden object game, or so I'm told

A Building Full Of Cats, made by cats for humans?

A team of actual real-life cats have apparently released a video game, and who am I to question marketing? A Building Full Of Cats does seem like a game cats might make, a hidden object game with so very many cats to 'pet' (find and click on). It's some nice cat-clicking for under £2.

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A Building Full Of Cats contains apartments absolutely heaving with cats. Dangerous quantities of cats. Hoarder quantities of cats. 'Call the SSPCA' quantities of cats. But the cats seem happy and loved and safe and clean, so repeat to yourself "It's just a game, I should really just relax." The residents are away on holiday, so in you come to find and pet them all.

Starts out simple. There's a cat, on that chair. There's a cat, on that shelf. There's a cat, asleep in that basket. Five minutes later, I have two cats left and I'm breaking my eyes staring at wallpaper patterns and magazine covers and trailing plants desperately trying to find the final cats. It also has bonus cats: one skittish cat that'll need to be found multiple times before you can pet it, and others who are hiding inside or behind objects you'll need to click to move. They're not Hidden Folks-grade puzzles but are a nice bonus. I have enjoyed petting these cats. I really hope I can pet all these cats.

A photo of ginger and white striped cat Fofiño, a game designer at Devcats.
"Game designer" Fofiño "likes to rub legs and to run around after pooping"

The developers, Devcats sure do seem to like cats. All their games are about cats, with upcoming releases including a puzzle game about cats sitting in boxes and an idle game hanging out with a cat. The team members even claim to be cats themselves, with cute photos and fun bios on their website. I see no reason to disbelieve them. Do those look like the faces of liars? No, they are the faces of darlings.

A Building Full Of Cats is out now on Steam for Windows and Linux. A 10% launch discount brings the price down to £1.48/€1.39/$1.79 until Tuesday the 14th. It's not a massive game but that's a price where I'll buy a hidden object game with a cute theme on sight—and I did.

Other impulse purchases I've enjoyed recently include the hunts for 2357 bees and hundreds of birds, aliens, and snails (with the 100 Hidden X series now up to 18 games).

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