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After four years, Stardew Valley finally gets a physical PC edition (with goodies)

Lots of wooden things

Rejoice, people who like hugely popular farming life-sim games and things they can hold and put on shelves: Stardew Valley is getting a physical PC edition, at last! After four entire years since release! And the goodies it comes with are pretty special, too.

A physical edition of Stardew Valley for PC has been teased for a little while now, but the official announcement came last night via developer Eric Barone and Fangamer. This new physical version has Standard Edition and Collector's Edition flavours to choose from, and the latter comes with a whole bunch of stuff.

If you're willing to pay the extra $35, you'll get, amongst other things, a special box with art by Kari Fry (the artist who illustrated the often out of stock Stardew Valley Guidebook), a little comic called Junimo's Day Out, and a chonky standee made from birch and cherry wood. Here is a picture of all the things:

A photograph of the Stardew Valley Collector's Edition items, from left to right: a soft cleaning cloth with illustrations of plants and animals on it, a physical box with art of the farm and all the local NPCs, a wooden standee featuring farm animals, crops and your farm house in the background, a game box for the disc and instruction manual, a wooden lapel pin of some lovely foraged mushrooms, a small comic called Junimo's Day Out, and a Deed of Land for the farm
Pls ignore that the box has a Switch logo. Both editions are available for PC as well.

My favourite thing, though, is that you get a deed to your farm signed by Mayor Lewis. There's a gap to write your name in, like you're a child doing a themed day at a museum or writing an RSVP to a little pal's birthday. This is an extremely Stardew Valley vibe. Also, the deed is partially made from recycled straw, an actual farming byproduct. What a good little detail.

A document from the Stardew Valley physical edition - The Deed of Land. It has gold foil edging and a gold foil stamp in the bottom right corner. It reads 'This indenture is made this 1st day of Spring by and between Grandpa (hereinafter 'Grantor') and - followed by a blank space for your name - (hereinafter 'Grantee'). The Grantor, for valuable consideration, conveys and quitclaims to the Grantee, the following described real estate situated in the Stardew Valley region of the Ferngill Republic, together with all after acquired title of the Grantor therein: Land parcel 2016.02.26 located west of Pelican Town limits, know also as - blank space for farm name. Sworn before me on the 1st day of Spring'. It is signed by Mayor Lewis.

As physical editions go, this is a nice one, because it seems like someone thought out what people who like Stardew Valley would actually want. There isn't any filler stuff like an easily mass produced tote bag or keyring. It's all nice wooden bits and a cute comic, and I'm 100% certain that once the first run of pre-orders are sent out, it will remain sold out forever and ever and ever.

Physical Stardew Valley will be available for PC and the Nintendo Switch in November. You can pre-order it now from Fangamer for $29 / $64 depending on the edition you want (and until August 15th pre-ordererers of the Collector's Edition will get a bonus poster for their trouble), and you can also save $4 on the aforementioned Stardew Valley Guidebook if you buy both at the same time, too.

Stardew Valley is a favourite here at RPS. You can find it on our lists of best RPGs, best co-op games and best management games for pc. If you've just started playing and want a cheeky head start, check out our Stardew Valley cheats and console commands, and we can keep you up to date with Stardew Valley news on the latest free updates and mods.

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