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Age of Empires 2’s Definitive Edition is getting its first “campaign-focused” expansion next month

Victors and Vanquished will let you lead Vikings, Japanese clans and more in 19 scenarios, most based on popular community mods

Artwork for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition's Victors and Vanquished expansion, showing Viking warrior Ragnar and Japanese legend Oda Nobunaga
Image credit: World's Edge

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition has revealed its next DLC. Victors and Vanquished will apparently be the remastered RTS’ first “campaign-focused” expansion, offering up more playable scenarios than any of its previous packs - many based on popular community creations. Oh, and it’s out next month.

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Victors and Vanquished was announced during the franchise’s New Year, New Age stream, which dropped the news that the series as a whole has seen more than 50 million players since it began over 25 years ago with the first Age of Empires.

Current stewards World’s Edge will follow up last year’s nostalgic Return of Rome and The Mountain Royals with a collection of 19 scenarios in Victors and Vanquished, said to be more than any past Definitive Edition expansion.

Heading up development of the DLC is Ramsey ‘Filthydelphia’ Abdulrahim, a former modder who joined the studio to work on official campaigns for the Definitive Edition in 2015. In keeping with that community aspect, 14 of the scenarios in Victors and Vanquished are said to be “inspired” by popular community creations, updated with full voice acting, original music, rebalanced gameplay and bug fixes. The remaining five are entirely new scenarios.

Ships approach a coastal village in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition's Victors and Vanquished expansion
Image credit: World's Edge

The scenarios include a Viking campaign following Ragnar Lothbrok as he raids settlements across a map of Northern Europe; the efforts of Otto the Great to befriend or oppose the Vikings, Magyars and Franks; and a Japan-set campaign that allows the player to lead one of six unique clans as Oda Nobunaga, including the ninja-like assassins of the Mori clan.

Announced alongside the news that long-awaited remaster Age of Mythology Retold will arrive later this year, Victors and Vanquished will be in our hands a lot sooner - March 14th, in fact.

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