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All The Guns: Tribes' Game Of The Year Update

Huh. Wow. I'll be honest: I'm a bit surprised. Hi-Rez has tied information about Tribes Ascend's single-purchase option to a searing ball of plasma and hurled it through our window, and it comes out to a measly $29.99/£20.99. For everything. VIPs, meanwhile, can instantly unlock all weapons, perks, and classes for $19.99/£13.99. That's... um. I mean, I still had a wonderful time for roughly the same amount Back In The Day, but I certainly wouldn't have minded an arsenal large enough to blot out the sun for the same price. Hm. Well, I suppose there's no better time than the present. But, believe it or not, that's far from all there is to this update. After a fairly worrisome dormant period, Tribes appears to be back with a vengeance. But not, er, Tribes Vengeance, because that wouldn't be very good news.

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Game of the Year! That's a weird thing to call the distinct honor of being a twinkling star next to a celestial embodiment of Horace's face, but oh well. It's the incredibly specific thought that counts.

Anyway, the GOTY update's nothing particularly groundbreaking, but there is quite a lot of it. A total of six new maps lead the charge, including a revamped Bella Omega (it was briefly removed due to balance issues) and an Ascendified version of the classic Canyon Crusade.

Weapon-wise, the Shocklance is the star of this one, boasting ridiculous close-range damage, especially when grilling up supple, succulent backflesh. Turrets, however, have also gotten some attention with the addition of regenerating shields that make them a slightly taller order to take down.

The update's available now. It will probably continue to be available for the rest of time, but why wait? In this life, we must cease opportunities as they arise, lest they strap on jetpacks and flutter just out of reach.

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