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Free As A Bird: Altitude For All

Allegations of monsterism

When I let slip that Altitude was one of the games I was hiding in my Steam library, I was called, perhaps rightly, a monster. "Such a great little indie multiplayer game (which still has regular players even after a few years. That's pretty rare)" said commenter Gnoupi. "That was a cracking little game" added LionsPhil. I'm sorry. I am a monster, though at least I have fewer games to scroll through now.

If you are not a monster and also fancy the sound of multiplayer 2D aerial combat (or is that how we define 'not a monster'?), good news: Altitude is now free for everyone to download and play.

Developers Nimbly Games explain that they won't make money on this and it's "strictly to attract new players", so they've also taken the game widescreen to make it more attractive. Seeing more of the battlesky might mess with plane balance, so they'll wait and see then tweak if necessary.

You can nab Altitude for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam or DRM-free on its website. Given that it once cost $20, you can also consider downloading this to be saving $20 and buy yourself a delicious fancy lunch.

Here, see the level of skill you could reach with enough dedication by having a gander at the finals of last year's Altitude ProLeague:

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