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Amanita's Creaks is finally coming this month

From the Chuchel and Machinarium gang

Amanita design, the makers of cute adventure games including Botanicula and Chuchel, today announced a July launch for their next game, Creaks. You know how sometimes in the dark of night, mundane objects in your room can look like monsters? Puzzle-platformer Creaks has that but for realsies, with a fella in a weird mansion beset by terrible creatures that turn into furniture when lights shine on them. Watch the new trailer to get the idea of how that premise builds into puzzles.

I do like those wooly jellyfish. I do not like the coat stands. "Players will meet several types of creaks in the game," Amanita say, "and each of them behaves differently - while dogs will chase you on sight and spies will copy or mirror your movement, the jellyfish-like creatures composedly patrol the area." They also note that they've gone from their usual pointing 'n' clicking to direct control of our fella, with a thumbstick or arrow keys.

The lovely music is from Hidden Orchestra, by the way.

Amanita announced Creaks back in 2018. It was expected to be their next game after the wonderfully silly Chuchel but--surprise!--they released Pilgrims out of nowhere in 2019. Our Pilgrims review liked it but wished there was more of it.

Creaks is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam in July, as well as Xbone, PS4, and Switch. A precise date and the price are yet to be announced.

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