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Ama's Lullaby is a cyberpunk adventure influenced by Westwood's Blade Runner

Gimme a hard copy of that

Show me a game in a neon-lit futurecity and I'm interested. Toss in command line-based hacking and I'll try to raise one eyebrow (nnnope still can't do it). Say you're also inspired by Westwood's ace Blade Runner game and ah, heck, I may well post it on RPS. Hullo there, Ama's Lullaby [Kickstarter page]! It's an upcoming adventure game starring a teen settler on an offworld colony established by a caretaker AI, where events might be taking a funny turn. So off she goes, chatting, investigating, puzzle-solving, and hacking. It's still early days but I live in cyberhope.

Here's the pitch from developers Mercy Ground Creations:

"Playing the role of Ama, a high potential teenager who loves computer sciences, you will explore the colony, meet its human and non-human inhabitants, negotiate with the AI and make decisions that will impact directly the course of events. Thanks to Ama’s programming talent, you will be able to hack any network of the city, gather information, steal confidential data to use them for your own purposes, disclose them or even blackmail people. But be careful : every action will have consequences on the story, and you will become an easy prey once you identity is unveiled."

Here, check out this sped-up prototype gameplay footage from the prologue chapter (I don't think that's Ama there?)

Watch on YouTube

I have no idea why the video shows so much of boring and confusing shopping but then the camera swoops between areas in that Blade Runner way and ah, go on.

Also into: talk about upgrading your laptop's software and hardware, about Ama very occasionally and reluctantly needing to shoot things (like in Blade Runner), and multiple endings and elements of randomisation in the story (also like Blade Runner!).

Ama's Lullaby is headed to Windows, Mac, and Linux in spring 2019, assuming its current Kickstarter goes well. Blade Runner itself goes down in November 2019; still another few years for us to reach that awful neon future.

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