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American Truck Simulator adds more sightseeing spots

See more of Washington and Utah

Driving a virtual truck is a serious job, no doubt, but I make time to appreciate the view in American Truck Simulator. The haul 'em up tentatively introduced sightseeing spots with its Idaho expansion, a few spots where we can roll up to enjoy cinematic views of landmarks and landscapes, and now it's added more. Preset cutscene points are not the first-person wandering I ache for, but I accept that's beyond the scope of this game, and will settle for seeing more of Washington and Utah.

"After Idaho's release, it was evident from the community's response that this was a popular feature and one that many of you would like to see expanded upon," developers SCS Software said in today's announcement. "While we continue to improve this new addition, we are excited to announce that viewpoints will be arriving in Washington and Utah."

As of today's patch, you can now find ten viewpoints in each state, showing of wilderness, buildings, industries, and other local curios. Helpfully, these points are now noted on the map with little question mark markers. You can rewatch them too, or just skip 'em. SCS hint that they have "more improvements" for viewpoints in development too, building on players' feedback. Honestly, I just want more. And fancier rivers.

The update also overhauled the main menu, added 'lowboy' trailers, and fiddled with some sounds, including spatial mixing in the cabin.

American Truck Simulator's next state expansion will be Colorado, due to arrive at some point this month. Last week, SCS shared a good long work-in-progress look at the route from Denver to Grand Junction:

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