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Amnesia Rebirth Laboratory walkthrough: how to solve the Laboratory puzzle and escape

Here's how to escape the creepy Laboratory in Amnesia: Rebirth.

You'll be sucked into strange futuristic areas every now and then in Amnesia: Rebirth. Some even contain rather tricky puzzles to solve, like the Laboratory section. To solve this puzzle you'll need to work out how the strange teleporter in the centre of the room works, and input the correct glyphs to make it work. We'll show you how to solve the Laboratory puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth.

In this Amnesia: Rebirth guide:

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Amnesia Rebirth: Laboratory puzzle walkthrough

The Laboratory section in Amnesia: Rebirth can be pretty tricky to navigate if you don't know what you're doing. You'll need to make use of the strange technology found scattered throughout this area, using a teleporter to move keys between barriers. Let's get started.

A light extender opening a door in the Laboratory section of Amnesia Rebirth

How to open the first locked door

Your first obstacle is a locked door with a red crystal above it. Head into the next room and pick up the light extender. Place it on the ground so that it links the two rooms together. If you position it correctly the light will turn the crystal green and the door will open.

Glyph terminal in Amnesia Rebirth

Find the orb

Now you need to look for a yellow orb item. It's located on a nearby table, under a lid. Pick it up, hold onto it for now, you'll need it later.

Open the second locked door

You'll be able to find another light extender near where you found the orb. You can place it near the glyph terminal to open the locked room next door. Just position it so that the lights connect. Placing the orb will cause shutters to close and the window will be blocked, so avoid doing this for now.

circular terminal in Amnesia Rebirth

Find two Leyden jars

There are two glowing items called Leyden jars to find in this area. They can be found in the outside area here. You'll need to have opened the second locked door using the info in the previous section to get to this strange balcony. There is a creature hooked up to a breathing apparatus. Cut the cord and grab the first Leyden jar. Turn around and search the containers that are arranged in a circle.There is another jar here. Head back to the teleporter and place the two Leyden jars.

Enter the glyphs

Now, you need to place the orb on the pedestal in front of the glyph terminal. Enter the three glyphs that can be seen through the glass in the opposite room (or use the image above). Pull the lever on the teleporter and the objects will move into the next room. You can use this machine to teleport a light extender into the next room, opening the final door. Exit the Laboratory.

That's how to get through the Laboratory section in Amnesia: Rebirth. For more on the game why not check out Alice Bell's review. Elsewhere there's our look at the increased level variety found in Amnesia: Rebirth.

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