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Amplitude's Endless Sale Ends In Six Hours

These endless deals won't last forever

One of the year's Bestest Best Games is currently discounted by 50% on Steam. The game is Endless Legend, Amplitude's superb 4X fantasy game, and it's currently £13.49, but only until 6pm GMT. The discounts extend to all three of the studio's releases, so you can also grab debut title Endless Space and this year's brilliantly inventive roguelike door defense thing Dungeon of the Endless for £4.99 each. There's also a bundle with all three plus DLC for £30.49. If you need to know more, our reviews of Dungeon and Legend are here to help, and Jim and I wrote about Endless Legend as part of our December festivities.

Even Endless Space is worth a look, despite being surpassed in many ways by Legend. If space is your thing and you can't tolerate even a suggestion of sorcery, it's a solid game and still receives updates two years after release.

Endless Legend is where the cool kids are hanging out these days though. As well as being beautiful and mechanically innovative, its various races and factions are a lovely antidote to the usual dorfs and Orlando Blooms. It's weird fantasy the likes of which we rarely see in strategy land.

Here are those links again:

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Have at 'em.

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