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An August release date is on the cards for virtual tarot reader The Cartomancy Anthology

I think my Rider Waites know which way to go

Back in January of this year RPS regular contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell interviewed Ami Y. Cai, developer of The Cartomancy Anthology, as part of his efforts to dig into the mystery of why tarot is such a popular inspiration for indie games at the moment. Happily, after today's Future Of Play Direct, we can provide you with a little update on that story: Cai's expansive collaborative project is due to release on Steam very soon: on August 9th, 2022.

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The Cartomancy Anthology is an ambitious and stylish collection of 22 games spanning different genres and art styles, tied together by the framing narrative of a virtual tarot reading determining which game you end up playing next. Fair to say that there's a little bit of basically everything in the selection from cart racers to visual novels — I even caught a glimpse of a fishing mini-game in that new trailer, which I consider proof positive that a game has taken the kitchen sink approach to selecting its features.

I can't tell if The Cartomancy Anthology is a genius excuse to put together a mini-game compilation, or a deeply meaningful experience told via the medium of short but complete indie games. Tell a lie, I know full well it's the second one; well, maybe it's a bit of both. Either way, the whole package looks way better and more consistently polished than 20-plus games developed simultaneously by tiny indie teams scattered all over the world have any right to.

The Cartomancy Anthology is due out on August 9th. In the meantime, you can support the devs by wishlisting it on Steam.

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