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An Englishman's Castle?

I'd be lying if I said we had started RPS for any other reason than funding secret cabal designed to rule the world by manipulating heads of state and undermining morality across the globe. Part of that plan would involve procuring a suitable headquarters where our sinister agents could be trained, briefed and deployed on complex espionage missions. We've got Castle Bran in mind, but apparently the electrics are out and the roof needs some work. It's going to take us 15,000 years to save up enough money.

In the meantime I guess we could satisfy our castle-owning lusts by downloading the free stuff that Betheseda are knocking out for Oblivion next week. Yep, the Fighter's Stronghold will be free for one week from tomorrow. If you're a goblin-swatter you'll be able to set up virtual residence in this beauty and marvel at the knights who patrol its grounds for you.

All this property porn does make me wonder how many people actually actually bought into the life and lordship aspect of Oblivion. I have to admit that it appeals to me at some absurdly geeky level, but I can't see myself ever actually putting aside the time to "hire a taxidermist to craft lifelike trophies for your great hall", as much I want to see what that entails. It's a similar kind of impulse to the secret HQ in City Of Heroes, I suppose, and I never did get around to that, either. Perhaps since it's free I'll take a look this time - that taxidery talk intrigues me. I wonder if you can have a stuffed ghost?

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