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Ancient Space Shows Star-Studded Campaign

From the "please be good" department comes...

I feel like I've written about quite a few space RTSs in recent times, but none of them are releasing quite as soon or look quite as promising as Ancient Space. The latest trailer thankfully does more than show up Adam's lack of sci-fi TV knowledge with its voice cast. It's actual game footage, UI and all, and interspersed with comments from the developers about how the ship customisation and campaign systems will work. It also brings word of a September 23rd release date, a welcome surprise since I'd assumed that, like everything I ever want to play, it wasn't due for months.

Definitely interested in this ship customisation stuff. The problem with systems like those is making the possible configurations impactful enough without over-complicating combat or reducing the number of units involved. I love a nice big space war, but if I'm just attack-moving my giant fleet into that slightly less giant fleet, it's going to get dull quickly. Equally, having to micro-manage loads of different abilities isn't going to let me enjoy the spectacle. Splitting it between modules and crew is a cool idea flavour wise, but means the possible combinations are likely astronomical.

I'm excited to try it. Nothing's really scratched the same itch as Homeworld 2 in over ten years. The Homeworld remasters are still on the horizon with no release date, though the original plan was for this year. Gearbox recently showed off one of the revamped cinematics as well as the Mothership statue that will be coming with the collectors edition. Which I'm probably going to need, if I'm honest.

While I'm talking space, indie attempts like Shallow Space are still chugging away too. Limit Theory, the smaller counterpart of big boys Star Citizen and Elite, wants to have RTS elements once you're in command of a fleet, though is mostly an RPG. What's on your personal RTS space-minimap readers, what should I be looking out for?

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