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Anno 2205 Free DLC Starts January With Wildwater Bay

Not an exotic theme park ride

Have you been taking care of dear old Mumsy, our planet Earth, and her dusty baby? In Anno 2205 [official site], that is. I mean, have you been playing Anno 2205? If so, you may heard Ian Ubisoft muttering about plans for future updates, expansions, and free DLC. What's that, Ian? Speak up. You're repeating yourself. Be clearer. Oh, move over.

The first of several planned free 'DLC' bits is Wildwater Bay, a large new planetside session, and will come in January. The paid first expansion, Tundra, is due at the end of February, and will be followed by the Orbit expansion. I'll explain more.

Right! Wildwater Bay, Ubi say, will bring a new temperate Earth session. It'll be "the biggest session in the game so far, with a large continental area and several islands", with new coastal and mountain slots. It'll also add "a new sector project ... where you can solve the riddle of the abandoned underwater cities and meet ghosts from the past." Oh dear. Did something bad happen to the world of Anno 2070: Deep Ocean?

Also on the free front, they briefly mention "an upcoming patch that will focus on performance and optimization". Okey cokey.

As for Tundra and Orbit, Ubi have been gabbing about them since before Anno 2205 even came out. If you weren't really paying attention back then because you weren't sure you'd even like 2205 (sensible!), then maybe have a look back now? They add new places and people and vehicles and buildings and things - y'know, expansion stuff. Tundra's due February.

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