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Another Lost Phone found in autumn

Get snooping again

Our John hugely enjoyed exploring a stranger's pocket telephone in A Normal Lost Phone, even relishing the guilt that comes with invading their privacy and interfering with their life. Good news, snoopers: French team Accidental Queens today announced that someone else has dropped their pockphone, and we'll get to explore it this autumn in Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story [official site].

Lost Phone is a narrative mystery game, sending us digging into messages, social networks, pictures, e-mails, and so on to figure out where Laura went and how come we've found her phone. Digital detective work! Like The Man does to us when he's bored, only for good. Well. Mostly. Ish.

As John said in his Wot I Think of A Normal Lost Phone:

"At a certain point it starts to feel really not OK that you're interfering in this person's life. You can send unfinished emails, and, well, worse, and I love that it includes this. Because at that point you really start to ask questions about what you're doing here, and at that point the game becomes something more, something bigger than just a narrative you're experiencing – it crosses over into feeling a teensy bit real. I love those moments. It's to A Normal Lost Phone's credit that it achieves this."

Ooh you rascal!

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux this autumn. Its Itch page gives the price as $2.99.

If you fancy picking into a phone right now, the original Lost Phone is only £2. It's a good genre of story-o-puzzlers, this. Replica and Sara Is Missing let us poke into phones too, and I understand a mobile Mr. Robot game does the same. He's not even a real robot, mind, so I don't know if I'd trust that.

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