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Cell Phone Horror Mystery: Sara Is Missing

Call me maybe.

Sara is Missing [official site] has you combing through a cell phone you've found in an attempt to locate its missing owner, the titular Sara. If it sounds familiar, that's because it definitely is. Developers Monsoon Lab say they're inspired by Replica, where you have to find and highlight pertinent information in order to progress, and I'm reminded of the Mr. Robot companion mobile game too (which was excellent, by the way). However, unlike Replica's dystopian themes, Sara is Missing is firmly a horror story. It's out now and not expensive, so have a look.

You'll pick over Sara's e-mails, messages, videos and pictures, receive calls, chat with people, and try to piece together corrupted data with the assistance of the phone's A.I.

Monsoon Lab did a great job making the adventure game still feel adventurous even though the entirety of it takes place on the screen of a simulated phone. The presentation reminded me a ton of Her Story, with images and video recordings unveiling the fate of Sara. There are also plenty of red herrings to throw you off the trail, and getting to know Sara from the inside out by combing through her texts, photos, and videos gave the plot a unique feel. Of course, in Sara is Missing you can't just search for one term that reveals all of the video clips at once, letting you essentially cheat your way to victory once you figure everything out. Thankfully.

You can get Sara is Missing now on Itch for Windows, Mac, and Android too. You can even name your own price. Ain't that something?

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