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Gang Beasts, Gonner and more going cheap in a Steam charity sale

Loot for good

A lineup of 41 lesser-known indie darlings, party favourites, curiosities and old favourites have gone on sale this week. "Sure, Nat," you cry, "you say that, but games go on sale all the time. What's the big deal?". Well, dear reader, if you'd give me time to finish, I'd explain that this is a charity sale. For the rest of this week, the big-wigs over at the IGDA Foundation have set up nice little charity fundraising event.

Until the end of the One Gamer Fund charity event, 50% of the proceeds from purchasing discounted games will be split between 7 particularly game-centric charities. It's for a good cause, yeah, so why not take a look?

Okay, so not every charity here is a winner. But many are still worth putting a bit of money towards, including accessibility nonprofit Ablegamers and children's welfare charity Child’s Play. Games, eh? Sometimes they can do good.

We'd be here all day if I went through the lineup game-by-game, but there are a few utter gems that are well worth shouting out. Fugl, at 40% off, is a delightful little sandbox where you flap around a gorgeous little world as any number of birds or beasties. Gonner, meanwhile, is a weird and wobbly dance with death - one Adam called an absolute delight in his review, even if it lacks real staying power.

There are also three entire games telling stories through mobile phones. Bury Me, My Love is an intimately personal conversation from one refugee to another. Alec was rather fond of it, despite the shift in format from mobile to PC losing some of the magic.

Meanwhile, A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone tell their own stories of personal intrigue by rooting through handhelds. Lost and found, please pick up your game.

Granted, there are some predictably solid picks in that lineup, too. You can't really go wrong with Gang Beasts for a good night with pals, after all. You can peruse the full lineup of 41 games over on Steam's event page until the charity sale ends this Sunday, October 6th.

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