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Colourful shooty roguelike Gonner2 is out now

Don't lose your head

Roguelikes! Getcha roguelikes here! It's a good time to be a fan of permadeath and trial and error. Yesterday, the excellent ScourgeBringer left early access, last week we got Noita, and today the colourful and chaotic platformer Gonner2 launched. I only played snippets of the first game, and it's as weird and wonderful as it looks. The original Gonner had players travelling through procedurally generated worlds looking for a head armed with nowt but a gun and a backpack. The sequel seems to have pretty similar vibes, and it looks great.

Gonner2 will have players taking up the reigns of our little pal Ikk again, but this time round we'll be helping Death recover her lair from some mysterious baddies.

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As Nat noted last week, the sequel seems to look a little more "videogame-y" than the first one, with more stats and things to keep an eye on. The jumping and shooting and platforming looks largely the same, though, which is certainly not a bad thing.

"Gonner always feels good. It has something in common with both Bayonetta and Downwell in its encouragement of style rather than simply success," Adam Smith (RPS in peace) said in his original Gonner review.

"You can work your way through the procedurally generated levels of its four worlds – all of which have their unique challenges, enemies, structure and features – avoiding conflict. You won’t get a high score that way, since racking up and maintaining a big kill combo is the route to the top of the leaderboard, but who cares? Gonner doesn’t care. It’ll still throw fun layouts in your path and chests containing unlockables for your next run."

Gonner2 is available right now on Steam, GOG, the Microsoft Store and Xbox Box Game Pass for PC. The game is currently cheapest on GOG thanks to a launch discount pricing it at £8.99.

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