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Gonner2 announced, sequel to a cracking shooty platformer

Sequel to a great game!

Splendid shoot-o-platformer Gonner will return later this year with a sequel, imaginatively titled Gonner2. Look, you don't need a fancy name when you have a giant monster made of giant eyes and teeth connected by jiggly tendons. Gonner was a good'un so yes, please, more. See the announcement trailer below.

The blue being at the end reminds me far, far too much of the creepy folks in Gonner creator Ditto's Utsvulten, where you can feed yourself to a friend. Brr.

"Gonner is this year's Downwell – a neat, short-form action game that has found the perfect visual style to communicate its near-misses and big hits," our former Adam said in 2016's Gonner review. "Whether you want to show off by pushing its systems to the limits or play at a more relaxed and careful pace, basking in the gorgeous music, it's an absolute delight. I'm not sure I'll still be dipping into it this time next year, but I don't regret a single second I've spent with it so far."

Gonner2 is due to launch on Steam later this year. Ditto is joined for the sequel by a team including ooh! Daniel Linssen, the creator of games from Rougelight to Sandstorm. I'm always interested in what Linssen is making.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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