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BioWare's Anthem demo has started preloading

A 44GB download

Pre-loading has begun for the Anthem demo weekend, so you can download in advance if you fancy trying BioWare's new cooperative sci-fi shoot-o-RPG. Given that it's a 43.54 gigabyte download, you probably shouldn't wait until the demo weekend starts next week to get that going. Because I'm a total goofus who'll try any game which lets me fly around in a power armour I can customise, I have already started downloading it myself.

Head on over to Origin and click thon "Try it First" button to add the Anthem demo to your Origin library, then fire up the client and get a-downloading.

The open demo will run from 5pm next Friday, February 1st until Sunday the 3rd. No, it's not long. That is preceded by a couple extra days of demo for folks who pre-order but pre-ordering is for mugs. An update will be released between the VIP and open demos, but you won't need to download the whole thing again. Oh, do check the system requirements first.

The demo will start us off at level 10, plopping us into a more powerful suit with fancier weapons from the start, and will accelerate drops and gains to whoosh us through a wider range of the game. And it will let us shoot stuff.

I still can't quite imagine what Anthem will be, despite having watched maybe an hour of it over the years, because my brain snags on the BioWare part - no matter how much BioWare say no, don't expect one of their traditional RPGs because it won't be that and you'll be disappointed if you want that. Helpful, brain. Real helpful.

Anthem is due to launch in full on February 22nd. It'll cost £55 or is covered by EA's Origin Access Premier subscription service.

Apparently the game is this? But it doesn't look anything like Dragon Age: Ori- brain, come on now.

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