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Apex Legends decimates yet another map next season

Emergence will see nature attempt to reclaim World's Edge

Another season, another Apex Legends map getting an explosive facelift. Alright, so this time it doesn't involve actual human-made explosives - World's Edge's volcanic ground has simply had enough of being mined, so it's erupted leaving more lava fissures breaking through the map. We'll be able to explore the new terrain when the next season, Emergence, kicks off on August 3rd. Also, there's a new gun, the new character Seer, and (moving!!) gondolas.

On the Apex Legends website, senior level designer Garrett Metcalf talks through all the big changes coming to World's Edge. The Train Yard has turned into a landslide, more lava is flowing through areas it shouldn't be, and they're "bringing back some of the dynamic gameplay that trains once offered" with new, moving Gondolas. We shall see if they surpass the greatness of the train.

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On top of that, Respawn are bringing back World's Edge's old pretty skybox, adding lots of ice everywhere, and introducing some new rotations for you and your team to more easily get to certain areas of the map. From the looks of the gameplay trailer above, everything just looks a bit more dangerous, which seems like great fun.

As for other new additions, there's a new gun: the Rampage LMG. Made by Rampart, this LMG can be charged with Thermite grenades to make it fire faster (a bit like how you can charge the Sentinel sniper rifle with shield batteries). This should be especially good used with Rampart herself, whose passive ability gives you more ammo and decreased reload times when using LMGs.

Then, of course, the new Legend Seer will join the roster. He has microdrones that can track enemies and create big orbs that tell Seer what enemy squads are up to when they run through it. He also looks incredibly cool and is my new main, thanks.

Emergence starts next week, on August 3rd. It's also bringing a ranked Arenas mode, as well as some new Arenas maps for those of you who prefer the 3v3 setting to the battle royale.

As the next season arrives, we'll be updating our Apex Legends guides to give you all the tips and tricks on how to succeed in Emergence. Nothing stopping you from brushing up on some old tips now, though.

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