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Apex Legends new character Seer is a tracker like Bloodhound (kind of)

You'll meet him in the new season that starts next month

Look, I clearly don't say it often enough when new characters are revealed, so here we are: Seer is my new main in Apex Legends. Dibs have been called. During EA Play Live tonight, Respawn Entertainment showed the new launch trailer for the battle royale's next season, Emergence, and revealed a little more info about the next Legend Seer. Turns out, he can track enemies a little bit like Bloodhound, and his ultimate ability tracks enemies in a big pretty orb.

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Seer was announced just a couple of days ago, but this evening game director Chad Grenier revealed what some of his abilities do. When Seer aims down sight, he has a heartbeat sensor that gives him insight as to where an enemy might be. If you think you've found someone, you can send out little drones from Seer's chest and they'll properly reveal an enemy's location.

His ultimate again sends out those little drones for more tracking shenanigans, creating a large blue sphere that will track any enemies that travel through it. Grenier reckons Seer is more of a stealth-based character, which sounds pretty different from all the more aggressive characters we have currently.

Aside from Seer, next season we'll also see new Arenas maps, as well as the ranked Arenas mode so you can get competitive in the 3v3. There are also secret things they won't talk about, but we'll find out more soon.

For more info on Apex, keep your eyes peeled for a new gameplay trailer featuring Seer that Respawn will release on Monday. Then Apex Legends' next season, Emergence, kicks off on August 3rd.

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