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Apex Legends glitch lets you launch vehicles across the map

Pulling off this stunt jetts you off into the air like Gnome Chompski strapped to a rocket

Deals deals deals! Just kidding - I interrupt your regularly scheduled Black Friday posts to bring you some delightful Apex Legends japes. Today in "what daft thing has Imogen done in a multiplayer shooter now", I had a go at replicating a glitch that throws Apex's new vehicles across the map.

Actually, "launch" is probably a better word to use than "throw", because pulling off the stunt jetts you off into the sky like Gnome Chompski strapped to a rocket.

Apex Legends' seventh season landed earlier this month, bringing with it a new map, new character and new vehicle, the Trident. Now, there are many fun things you can do with the Trident that Respawn actually intended on letting you do - like covering the thing in Caustic's gas traps to make a hovering stink-machine, for example.

However, one unintended feature allows players to fling their Trident way up in the air by placing one of Octane's jump pads inside or right next to a respawn beacon (or an open supply bin if you like, but I found the respawn beacon works a bit better).

I replicated the phenomenon in the video below for your viewing pleasure. It worked… well?

Cover image for YouTube video

I suppose it worked "well" in the sense that, yes, it is very easy to replicate and I did yeet myself and my squadmate across Olympus rather successfully. It's not a strategy I think I'd recommend, however, seeing as my most "successful" attempts either landed me miles outside of the ring, or sailing well off the edge of the map.

That's not to say you couldn't use it to your advantage. These folks on Reddit managed to perfectly drop themselves into one of the map's towers (I don't think they meant to do it, but damn if it isn't impressive).

Threading the needle from the other side of the map

Man, all this has reminded me of just how fun it is to drive the Trident. If you fancy taking a joy ride in your next match, check out our Apex Legends Olympus map guide to figure out the best place to find one.

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