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Apex Legends' Grand Soirée has begun, inviting players to its biggest party yet

Kicking it all off with Gold Rush Duos

The party has started in Apex Legends as the Grand Soirée Arcade Event began last night. For the next two weeks, Respawn are treating us to seven different rotating game modes and pretty new skins to make sure each of the Legends (and even some of your guns) are dressed to impress.

I played a bit of Apex last night and jumped into the first game mode on offer, Gold Rush Duos. Nothing can describe the joy of seeing every single gun emitting that lovely golden glow, even knowing everyone else has got a gold gun, it's just quite nice not to have to scramble around to find attachments.

The Grand Soirée is also introducing its own sort of battle pass thing called the Event Prize Track. It's part of the event so there's no paying for it, and you'll get points to level it up and earn said prizes by doing special challenges in the new game modes. You can only earn these prizes through those points, as they won't be available in the event shop.

If you want to get all these challenges completed across the various game modes, you'd better get on it soon too, because as of tomorrow Gold Rush Duos' two days will be up, and it swaps over for LIVE. DIE. LIVE. A mode where your squad mates respawn every time the zone starts coming in.

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Following that, we'll get to play Third-Person Mode, Always Be Closing, Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge, Kings Canyon After Dark, and Dummies Big Day. You'll even get a shiny in-game badge to display on your profile if you manage to compete in each.

For a full list of dates and descriptions for each game mode, check out my report last week. I'm particularly looking forward to Dummies Big Day (which is the last game mode starting on January 26th), mostly because we weren't told what the mode is actually going to be. I'm not-so-secretly hoping it'll be similar to the Fight or Fright event, where we got to fend off or play as zombie versions of the Legends (my theory is that the dummies are just like the zombies in this scenario, but who knows, it just looks like fun).

As for the new event skins you can buy, fitting in nicely with the first gold-themed mode Pathfinder is looking sassy in a black and gold tux, while Octane has scrubbed up pretty well too in his "Clocktane" outfit and - wait, is that a Back to the Future-themed Longbow skin I see? Ok, I need that.

All of these cosmetics will be available either from earned event Apex Packs, or through the event shop for purchase with Apex Coins (so if you don't fancy your chances of getting them in the loot packs, you'll be paying for them out of pocket). There are more cool skins on the way too, but like the game modes they're rotating, so you'll need to check the shop often if you're looking for one in particular.

The Grand Soirée started last night and will continue through to January 27th, and you can find out more on the event page here.

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