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Apex Legends' next event will let you play seven unique limited-time game modes

Get ready for the Grand Soirée.

Feeling the January blues now Apex Legends' Winter Express game mode is over? Me too. Then I suppose then it's a good job Respawn just announced that in the next event we get to play not one, not two, but seven new game modes!

They're all part of Apex's Grand Soirée, an Art Deco-themed arcade event arriving on the 14th of January that boasts fancy new skins, rotating Limited-Time Arcade modes, and even a return to the Kings Canyon map.

These limited-time modes will rotate every two days, so if there's a certain mode you're looking forward to playing, you'll only be able to play it on those specific days - which I've handily listed for all you lovely readers below (it's also worth noting that you get a special badge for participating in each mode):

  • 14th to 15th - Gold Rush Duos - Drop into the arena with a friend where the only weapons you'll find are fully kitted out gold ones.
  • 16th to 17th - LIVE. DIE. LIVE. - The trailer says in this mode you'll "automatically respawn on living squadmates when the ring closes", this suggests there'll be no respawn beacons and instead you'll have to wait it out if your squaddies get killed. Also sounds like absolute chaos if you get down to the tiniest rings.
  • 18th to 19th - Third-Person Mode - I don't feel like you need me to explain this one.
  • 20th to 21st - Always Be Closing - Aside from killing everyone in sight, the main goal of an Apex match is to stay inside the ring. Always Be Closing, as the name might imply, will make that a lot harder, as the ring will constantly be closing in on you.
  • 22nd to 23rd - Armed and Dangerous on World's Edge - You'll recognise this one if you played the Voidwalker event last year, it's the very same shotgun vs snipers mode, but this time it's on Season 3's lava and frost-filled map.
  • 24th to 25th - Kings Canyon After Dark - If you played the Halloween event you'll remember getting to run around in a moodily lit version of the old Kings Canyon map. There's no zombies this time round though, just a good old-fashioned night-time battle royale.
  • 26th to 27th - Dummies Big Day - It's unclear yet what this mode actually is, but it looks a lot like a free-for-all where everyone looks like one of the training dummies so you can't tell what Legend they're playing.

You can catch a quick glimpse at some of the chaos we can expect from each mode in the trailer below, as well as get a look at each of the Legends dressed to impress in their new formal skins.

Cover image for YouTube video

As well as the rotating mode arcade, Apex is introducing an Event Prize Track for which you'll be able to complete challenges to earn Arcade points and grab yourself some "prestigious rewards" during the event. There'll even be a Bonus Scoring Weekend on the 17th January to get special extra challenges to bag yourself those points.

As with the last few events, players will also be able to buy the new themed cosmetics directly from the Event Shop as they rotate through the duration of the Grand Soirée.

The Grand Soirée runs from Tuesday the 14th until Tuesday the 28th of January, and you can find out more on the game's website.

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