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Apex Legends is adding a horde mode-looking PvE mission next week

Hungry like the horde

Season 5 of Respawn Entertainment's hero-based battle royale kicks off next week and it looks like they're doing more than just blowing up the map. This new Apex Legends trailer shows off what appears to be a horde mode PvE quest initiated by the newest Legend of the bunch: Loba. It looks like you'll be hunting down artifacts while taking on waves of enemies when Season 5 kicks off on May 12th.

"Discover hidden secrets and rewards as you take on waves of prowlers in the all-new PvE Season Quest," say Respawn. The new trailer makes it look as if you'll be under a time limit to complete your objectives as well. The trailer also indicates there's some kind of mystery to uncover by finding clues around the map.

King's Canyon has gotten a kick in the teeth too. Apparently both the Skulltown and Thunderdome areas have fallen straight into the ocean during Loba's arrival and the new area Salvage is sitting in the newly-formed bay.

PvE quests aren't the only new things that Fortune's Favor will bring to Apex next week. If you missed it, apparently there are lots of killer robots under World's Edge? Imogen's got some thoughts on what kind of abilities Loba the newest Legend will bring to the arena as well.

The next season of Apex Legends begins next week on Tuesday, May 12th. As always, it's free to download.

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