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Apex Legends takes players back to good old Skull Town next week

OG Kings Canyon makes a comeback

Just the other day I was chatting with a friend about how long it'd been since we'd roamed around Skull Town in Apex Legends. The hottest of drop zones was removed (read: obliterated) last year in the battle royale's fifth season, but next week Respawn are piecing it back together for a new event. The Genesis Collection Event kicks off on June 29th, bringing back the original maps for both Kings Canyon and World's Edge. Better yet, not only will Skull Town return to the battle royale mode, but the devs are turning it into an Arenas map too.

On Tuesday next week, players will be able to drop into Kings Canyon as it was during Season 0, and World's Edge with its layout from Season 3. This obviously brings back fan-favourite drop spot Skull Town, but it also brings back the actual best thing Apex Legends has ever had: the train! The moving loot-filled train!

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Unfortunately, a moving train isn't the best set piece for the 3v3 Arenas mode, so I'll accept Skull Town for that. During the event, Skull Town will be in rotation with the rest of the Arenas maps. I'm interested to see how it plays out. The area is a maze of buildings, with loads of high ground and hidey holes to hang out in - I imagine defensive characters like Wattson will thrive.

The update is bringing a few balance tweaks to various Legends as well. Everyone's favourite murderbot Revenant has been dieting so his hitbox is slightly smaller. Lifeline, on the other hand, has been eating all the pies, and her hitbox is a bit bigger.

Revenant is also getting his heirloom next week too (heirlooms are unique melee skins for each character that are extremely rare drops from loot boxes). It's a very cool-looking scythe that I would not like to be on the wrong end of.

As always with these Collection Events, there are loads of new cosmetics to buy or unlock. The new rewards track has funky skins for Wattson, the Charge Rifle and Eva-8 shotgun (you can earn these by completing event challenges).

The Genesis Collection Event runs from June 29th to July 13th, and you can find out more in Respawn's blog post.

If you want to brush up on your Apex knowledge before diving into Skull Town for a spicy 3v3, check out our Apex Legends Arenas mode guide.

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