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Apex Legends winter event brings back its best feature - the train

The Winter Express is back and I couldn't be happier

A few months ago, Apex Legends cruelly took away the train, the best bit of its World's Edge map, leaving us with nothing but boring stationary ground to fight on. Man, the train was amazing. Oh how I loved the rush of dropping onto that speedy death tube, wading through the gas of six Caustics in an attempt to find loot. It's a buzz we'll all be able to feel again this holiday season, however, because Respawn have brought it back for Apex's winter event, the Holo-Day Bash.

Come one, come all, and hop aboard the Winter Express! It is, without a doubt, my favourite holiday game mode from any of my usual haunts. It's also the best Apex event because my boy Mirage narrates the whole thing, and the music is excellent. Just have a listen to the absolute banger in the trailer.

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Like last year, Apex's Christmas-themed limited-time mode has you duking it out on my fave, the train. I have, of course, already played it a bunch, and it's fab. It challenges three teams of three to capture the train three times (or just murder the enemy squads). You don't go down or have a chance to revive your pals mid-round, though - if you're dead, you're dead, and you need to wait until the next round to spawn in. This ups the stakes a bit, and makes for tense, quick rounds, rather than the drawn-out battle royale matches.

Each round the train shuffles on to a new location, and you're able to swap out which Legend you're playing if you fancy tweaking your strats. There's no loot to be had on the Winter Express, either. Each character has a specific loadout which changes daily, which is good fun because it encourages you to change things up.

The mode got a few changes this year, including new stops for the train, and shortened respawn times between rounds. Instead of dropping straight out of the sky now, you spawn in on a supply ship and can throw yourself down onto an area of your choosing, which is much nicer.

The train from Apex Legends.
I missed you.

As ever, this event has lots of new skins and cosmetics you can purchase. Some are unlockable, too, via the Holo-Day Rewards Track, which you can level up by playing the Winter Express and completing event challenges.

Apex Legends' Holo-Day Bash runs between now and January 4th, and you can find more details over on the website.

For some help with the game, do check out our Apex Legends weapons guide, so you're always prepared to pick the Legend with the best loadout on that wintery train.

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