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Apex Legends trailer shows off season 7's new Olympus map and drivable vehicles

Get in, loser. We're going looting.

We've already been introduced to Apex Legends' next character: a Scottish genius named Horizon with a very sad backstory. In today's trailer, you can get a gander at the new map, some of Horizon's abilities, and those floaty vehicles you'll be able to drive around the cloud city. Catch all the booms and bants inside.

Off the jump, the usual shooty heroes follow Horizon off to Olympus, a prettier locale than your usual Apelegs fare. Apart from the new scenery, there are tactical bits to catch in the trailer too.

For starters, those trident vehicles can be ridden by all three members of your squad: one driver and two passengers who can shoot while hanging off either side. I'm getting flashbacks to warthog battles in ye olde Halo 3.

Horizon shows off a couple of her gravity-defying abilities as well. She looks to have an area-of-effect deployable that can throw enemies into the air. In the trailer, she and her teammates use it to easily shoot another squad out of the air. Another of her abilities seems to be a sort of black hole that sucks in enemies.

That's not all that's new in EA's battle royale 'em up. Apex Legends is going to be available on Steam when the new season launches on November 4th.

Before all this new season stuff pops off, it is still spooky month. Apelegs' Fight Or Fright event is on until November 3rd.

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