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Apex Legends will soon get to fight on their lonesome

Lonely legends

Me, Astrid and Brendy recently spent six straight hours of our Sunday playing Apex Legends. We ran around getting shot at till our Apelegs nearly fell off. We emerged better, stronger and closer. It was marvellous, and to some extent a reflection of how the game truly shines when intersecting abilities meet excellently-supported team co-ordination. You can usually only play in teams of three, and in many ways it's the better game for it.

Apex is introducing a solo queue from August 13th - 27th. I think I'm going to queue up for it a lot.

Developers Respawn announced the event with this here tweet:

I do feel like that trailer should have been more horrible. Have Lifeline and Bloodhound despair as their teammates evaporate before their eyes, then tip-toe into the arena with daunted resolve. Then get splatted by a Pathfinder or summat.

Duffing up mals with pals is grand, but adding friends removes tension. I used to play a lot of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by myself: rummaging through endless houses, dying at the whim of whoever got the jump on me. The quiet was part of the appeal. It was like meditation, laced with suspense. I enjoy swinging and sliding around Apelegs far too much to head back to Plunkbat, and this should let me recapture some of that.

Apex Legends is free, yunno. It's still really really good.

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