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ARK: Survival Evolved's Halloween Update Plans


ARK: Survival Evolved [official site] plans to include over 100 unique prehistoric pets by the time it's ready for full release. During a Reddit AMA last night, developers Studio Wildcard confirmed it hopes to introduce a century of habitat-specific creatures once the game is done with Early Access, after introducing us to winged beast Quetz earlier this week. Furthermore, ARK's upcoming Halloween update will give players the chance to tame otherworldly monstrosities that will carry over into the main game. Scared? Me neither. Hop inside for more. Go on, you first.

The interest ARK: Survival Evolved has garnered in the last few months seems to have somewhat caught Studio Wildcard off-guard. Speaking to Reddit users yesterday, they pointed out how their final end-game plans for ARK have been altered several times as a result of positive community feedback. Whilst their suggestion the game would see "approximately over 9000 improvements" - when asked what fans can expect between now and next year - is likely over-ambitious, Wildcard's Jesse Rapczak promised "lots more" features between now and final release.

Adding a desert biome, for example, is one such feature, with Rapczak adding: "Expect to see more biome-specific dinos in the future! Lots of new underwater creatures in the works." By defeating bosses and by gathering yet-to-be-implemented Explorer Notes, players can hope to discover how and why they became trapped on the island. Some creatures, such as Gryphons, Wyverns and Dragons will be tamable, and a Halloween expansion - named ARK: Fear Evolved - will allow you to tame one of the creatures in this screenshot:

Which one is yet to be disclosed, but I really hope it's the skeletal T-Rex.

ARK: Survival Evolved can be found roaming the plains of Steam Early Access for £22.99 - currently £15.40 with 33% off - and can also be found on the Humble Store.

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