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Arma Maria: Play Hitman-Inspired Levels In Arma III

Murder murder

Although winners have yet to be announced in the recent Make Arma Not War competition, the judges have published the shortlisted finalists. As a result a series of levels inspired by Hitman: Blood Money - far and away the best game in the Hitman series - have been brought to our attention. You can download 'em over here.

There are eight Arma III [official site] levels in all, each inspired by one of Blood Money's intricate scenarios. The Opera, for example, is likely inspired by Curtain's Down, a mission requiring you to assassinate an opera singer. I'm guessing that The Party might be derived from the rather wonderful level requiring you to infiltrate a Playboy-style party and murder an elderly fellow who is most certainly not Hugh Hefner.

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I'm not an Arma player myself: like many people I only own it because I wanted to try out DayZ. As a result I've not played these missions myself, but I'd be fascinated to hear from anyone who has. Scuttlebutt on the Steam workshop pages suggests that the scenarios are hard as nails. Who doesn't love a challenge?

I'd imagine that the Arma engine doesn't provide as many mechanical opportunities for ingenious assassination as IO Interactive's original game, but I've no doubt that clever modders, scripters and level designers can wring plenty of ingenuity out of the giant sandbox that is Arma III.

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