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Claymation Adventure Game Armikrog Due In August

Sticky spaceman

After two years of writhing and squirming in its Kickstarted cocoon, Armikrog [official site] is almost ready to emerge as a beautiful plasticine butterfly. The claymation adventure game will launch for Windows, Mac, and Linux on August 18th, developers Pencil Test Studios have announced. Their numbers include Doug TenNapel - the chap behind Earthworm Jim and ye olde claymation adventure The Neverhood, which Armikrog was billed as the "spiritual successor" to. Come have a look at how it's shaping up (shape, like a plasticine shape) in a new trailer.

Armikrog's the name of the fortress where exploring spaceman Tommynaut and his talking dog Blind Beak have ended up trapped in after crash-landing on an odd alien planet. Let the adventure gaming begin! You know: puzzles and jokes and all that.

The claymation looks pretty swish, and the voice lineup includes funny folks like Rob Paulsen of Every Cartoon Ever fame and Mystery Science Theater 3000's Michael J. Nelson, so conditions look good for a merry old adventure. Great zany music, too - nice twangly bits.

Armikrog will cost £18.99 when it launches. Here's the new trailer:

Watch on YouTube

And here's an older one showing more, albeit more of how it looked back in October 2014:

Watch on YouTube

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