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Ascalon Friends Reunited

Been playing through the preview weekend of Guild Wars: Eye of the North. More eventually, but something amused me and I wanted to share. What some would consider spoilers under the cut, but since it's one which was included in Arenanet's trailer for the expansion pack, it really doesn't matter.

Say hello to Gwen. Long time!

Now, Gwen was the first NPC you met in the original Guild Wars prophecies. She followed you around, skipping gleefully and gave you a broken flute which has - after three Guild Wars - still has no use, and I still have sitting around my equipment chest in case it turns in use one day. Then she disappeared in the Scaring of Ascalon, the apocalyptic event at the end of the opening sequence of Prophecies.

And now it's 8 years later and she's back, in the far north. And hot!

I mentioning the "It's hot" thing because, when I battle my way to the Eye of the North, I meet Gwen adult Gwen for the first time in a cut-scene as I approach it. I watch it, then get dropped into the castle. As I get my bearings, I sit and watch the local chat channel, of what people are saying as they arrive.

It's a string of lines like...
"Wow! Gwen's all grown up."
"Oh yeah! Gwen's hot!"
"I'd hit that!"

And so on and on.

Do not let these people anywhere near your younger sister. They will only form a party with her or something.

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