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Assemble With Care's free new level is also its most complex

Further fixer-uppers

Earlier this year, the developers of Monument Valley brought their newest pastel creation to PC. Now, Ustwo Games are tinkering with the game itself some more, adding a free epilogue level to Assemble With Care. The update is free for all owners, and is the "longest and most ambitious level yet, combining multiple mechanics from other levels and new surprises."

Assemble With Care is a puzzle game with a story about a world-traveling antique restorer named Maria. It's all about pulling apart, fixing, and putting back together casset tapes and old cameras and other things that folks in Bellariva need Maria's help with.

"There's plenty to love throughout, from the no-nonsense business of keeping track of your bits and pieces on the table in front of you to the endless thrill of lifting a piece of plastic and seeing the hidden innards of a mechanism," said our siblings over at Eurogamer when it originally launched on Apple Arcade.

As for this new epilogue update, Ustwo say that players will be assisting cafe owner Carmen by assembling an old espresso machine to brew the perfect latte for her sister Helena. They say that the epilogue reveals what lasting impressions Maria's visit to Bellariva had on its locals.

When deciding which objects would make the cut for the main game, Ustwo say that the espresso machine was a favorite but was just too complex. "There was no way to fit it into the story in a way that wouldn't break up the pacing and take us too long to finish," they say in the epilogue announcement. "So we decided against it. Until now."

The epilogue is free for everyone who owns Assemble With Care. Ustwo say that this is just the first of several planned content updates to the game.

You can find Assemble With Care on Steam for £5.79/€6.59/$7.99.

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