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Intruder infiltrates Steam early access after seven years scouting

Casing the joint thoroughly

Intruder has entered early access on Steam. This is a surreal sentence to write, given that RPS first covered the asymmetrical team shooter back in March 2012. Similar to the classic Splinter Cell multiplayer mode, one team are sneaky infiltrators with a variety of gadgets but limited firepower, while the other team are heavily armed and armoured guards. Superboss Games have been testing the game with a drip-feed of invited players for years now, and it's well fleshed out already. They've finally flung open the floodgates today - check out the Steam launch trailer below.

Intruder's scope has expanded a bit since I last had a proper look at it. The maps are bigger and more detailed, and the teams are now five a side. Even moreso than Rainbow Six Siege, voice comms are absolutely key, and ideally everyone should be using the game's own voice system. This is a game where you're meant to overhear your enemies talking, and radios (or hand signals) need to be used to communicate across the large maps. There are no death or hit indicators, so you need to check in with your team on radio, and if all you get back is static... well, you can probably worry.

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Another defining aspect of the game is the Balance meter. While your health and stamina bars are fairly standard, balance is what stops you from bouncing around like a traditional FPS character, hurting your aiming when you're off-balance and when it drains low enough, you just fall over. Try to bunny hop onto ledges or sprint across railings like you would in Counter-Strike and there's every chance you'll pitch face-first off the balcony and die the most embarrassing death possible. Or you could fall foul of a tactically placed banana peel, which is just brilliant.

The current version contains four official maps, and a pile of user-created ones, as the game comes bundled with a level editor. There's four weapons, over a dozen spy gadgets and just one play-mode: five-on-five spies versus guards. Superboss, being clearly unhurried, reckon they've got another year or two of development yet to go. They've got a little more of everything planned, including tentative plans to look into possible AI opponents. Beyond that there's graphical upgrades, more official maps and expanded mods tools on the cards, plus new guns and gadgetry to use.

Intruder is out now in early access. You can find it here on Steam for £15.49/€16.79/$19.99 or its official page here.

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