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At Last, A Game About Animal Farts! Worlds Of Wanda

We get sent a lot of email about a lot of games, as you might expect. We can't post about all of them, so some manner of arbitrary arbitration takes place somewhere inside our brains. Turns out one way to skip to the front of the line is to have the words "collect animal farts" in your game's opening description. Worlds Of Wanda, you have my attention.

I can't believe I'm typing this: This is a puzzle game in which you stack animal types in columns on a rotating planet, and then drop an animal they're scared of on top of that column to make them all fart with fear. You then collect those farts.

But it's not just another tile stacking game - there's more going on in there, including attacking enemy towers, defending towers (but not tower defence), and "throwing animals around". Throwing animals, collecting farts - it's like someone's made a game about my life.

There is, inevitably, some fundraising here. Dark Plan are after just $7,000 via IndieGoGo. But as I think I should have established, this is a game about collecting farts, so I really cannot envisage a reality where RPS readers haven't funded this before they've finished reading the post.

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