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At Last, A Sequel To F1 2012! The F1 2013 Trailer

You know that bit in expensive movies, when a burly man stands in front of a crowd and makes a speech that sounds like: "Today is the edge of tomorrow. The time is now for us to put up a fight that your children's children's children's grandchildren will talk about. We will batter our foes. We will flatten them, flip them off, and then squeeze lemon juice in their eyes. Today is Pancake Day!"? Well that is probably what inspired this new trailer for F1 2013. It is the most Alan Partridge game trailer I've seen in quite some time. But the cars are pretty, the wheels are bouncy, and if the trailer is enough to keep John's new kitten entertained, then I have every reason to post it.

While Lucy will not have to worry about her purchasing decisions, the rest of us will have a choice: the Standard Edition comes with all the official 2013 tracks, cars and drivers, as well as 10 drivers, five cars, and two tracks from the '80s. But there's the Classic Edition, which adds seven more drivers from the '90s, with six more cars and another pair of tracks. That run is limited to 10,000, but I'm betting it ends up DLC fodder. The full list is here.

If you have a cat handy, get him or her to watch this trailer and post a photo below. I must see if this fascination is universal, or if Lucy is special. If it's the latter, there might be a sponsorship deal in the making.

Watch on YouTube

It will vroom into your hearts on October 4th.

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