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Attack On Titan 2 is kinda almost out

Not in English yet

Arm Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man with two giant Stanley knives and you have Attack on Titan, a manga and anime series set in a Renaissance-ish kingdom where spunky teens wielding knives and grappling hooks cut up marauding dopey giants with far too many teeth. It's heavy on the angst and exposition but also a right lark when the warteens swing around cutting giants, and about the same is true for its 2016 video game adaptation. The sequel is out now and sold on Steam but beware: the English translation won't be in until next Tuesday, March 20th. Click your Stanley back in.

If you can read Japanese or want to bluff your way through, you can now buy and play Attack On Titan 2. Otherwise, you'll need to wait. The English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish subtitles and UI translations won't launch until some time on Tuesday the 20th.

Publishers Koei Tecmo have been clear all along that March 15th was the Japanese release and it'd be available internationally on the 20th, but I was still surprised to see it pop up as a new release on Steam this morning. It seems unlikely that Koei Tecmo are desperately scrambling to finish the localisations, given that console disc copies are already printed, so I assume they're holding the release back to placate retailers. Oh well. No oceans and all that.

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Attack On Titan 2 is/will be out on Steam priced at £55/€70/$60 (yeah, I don't know what's up with those conversions either).

More giant-stabbing action is coming in April with Extinction, which looks to swing somewhere between Attack On Titan and Shadow Of The Colossus in its monster-climbing murders.

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