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Attack On Titan Game Swinging Onto PC

Goofy giants

Attack on Titan is a manga and anime about plucky teenagers armed with grappling hooks and huge Stanley knives fighting giants with dopey grins and far too many teeth. It's pretty fun! And often horrifying. It's also a fine idea to make into a video game, so Dynasty Warriors developers Omega Force did just that. Following its debut on PlayStation 4 in Japan in February, publishers Koei Tecmo today announced a western release for Attack on Titan [official site - but not live yet] including a PC version.

First, a spoiler-light recap of the setup. Attack on Titan is set in a walled kingdom besieged by titans - awkward but surprisingly graceful giants with smooth doll crotches and horrible oblivious expressions. Big hungry babies. They're seemingly mindless, driven only to eat, but for centuries have been a threat waiting outside the walls. Then they breach the outer wall, and awful things happen. Fighting against them (and mostly losing) are soldiers equipped with big knives and 'Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear' - a combination of grappling hooks and maneuvering thruster they use to speed around and reach the weak spot on the back of giants' necks. It's very stylish up until someone makes a mistake and ends up in the mouth of a waddling fool.

Omega Force's game is... that. Or that's the idea. Zip around, swinging and hacking, trying to hit the weak spot without being caught. And hacking off an arm or two if it makes things easier. The game's based on the first season of the anime, with a few new side stories of its own and a whole load of silly extra costumes.

(The anime is on Netflix, by the way, and pretty good fun for its grappling, hacking, setting, and mysteries. You might grow tired of characters explaining the lesson they just learned about friendship, duty, and never giving up. I'm still briefly appalled when I remember the titans.)

My interest in grappling hooks and oversized Stanley knives mean I'm being careful not to get my hopes up too much. This review of the PS4 version makes it sound okay at least? I just want to swing around and cut giants.

Attack on Titan is coming to PC via Steam on August 30th. This Japanese Koei livestream shows loads of the game, or here's a snappy announcement trailer:

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